Ophthalmology Billing Services Front End Staff Training
Our Services

We specialize in Ophthalmology Billing Services

  • AMCC provides Medical Billing and Practice Management services for Ophthalmology Practices and Ophthalmic Surgery.    
  • Sub Specialties we handle are Cataract, Glaucoma, etc.
  • Practice Management Services aid in identifying weaknesses in your practice and where to strengthen your office procedures..
  • We are capable of optimizing the function of each individual area by mentoring and teaching your staff what is needed on the front end in order to prevent a continual loss of revenue.
  • We provide patient education concerning their statements and payments. This includes deductibles, copays, testing charges, and co insurances.


Practice Management Billing...We specialize in:

  • New Practice start ups. 
  • Practices in transition.
  • Our electronic medical claim submission is within 24-48 hrs to maximize cash flow for your practice.
  • Posting payments and follow up on denied claims.
  • Patient statements and  follow-up on patient portion.

Negotiation Services

  • AMCC provides a unique service for Worker’s Compensation, Auto or Personal Liability cases.
  • We negotiate rates and services with attorneys to obtain maximum rreimbursement for services rendered
  • Once we receive a treatment plan from the physician, we will then negotiate rates on consults, office visits, injections, surgeries and all other procedures that will be administered.
  • This service alone will increase income and reimbursement rate for the physician by at least 25-35% annually.

Consulting Services

We provide consults in many different areas:

  • Medical Billing
  • Practice Management
  • Coding & Modifier Analysis
  • Software Information Systems
  • Medical Office and Staff Training