Increase the Revenue Integrity of your practice by 50%



Having a well trained front desk will provide you with a huge increase in your practice revenue.  This enables your claims to have the required information needed for payment  to be quickly and clean first time around.  As a prominent billing service, we get to see all the reasons claims are being denied and not being paid. Think of all the revenue that practices are not receiving for their services.  When the follow up on claims is not there, the insurance companies get to keep at least 20-30% of the revenue that belongs to the provider and the practice.  Claims that are being rejected for front end reasons, you are actually postponing payments from 45 to 60 days and often longer.

Call us at AMCC and give us a day tol shadow your practice. We will be able to determine where there may be a  weakness in the work flow and how it is effecting your revenue integrity.