About Us

Advanced Medical Claim & Collection was founded in 1999 dedicated to being a strong advocate strictly for physicians. We knew that physicians enjoyed adequate profit margins, however, with the direction the healthcare industry was heading with managed care, and forever changing health insurance plans, medical practices were going to need help in strategic planning for peak performance, service and profit. They could no longer ignore sound business procedures. For many years physicians graduated from medical school under the premise that they were going to run a “practice”. “Businesses” were for other professionals. Medical practice complacency toward industry change is a thing of the past.

We implement effective office procedure along with a billing service that will prevent further loss of revenue. Advanced Medical Claim & Collection is proof positive that it can be done right with the tools and desire to succeed.

At AMCC, our success is measured by setting goals, doing what we do well, and enjoying it. We provide exceptional and personalized services to our physicians, their practices and all entities that we have the pleasure to work with.

We carry National Certifications in Medical Reimbursement, Medical Billing,Coding & Administration, and Project Management, in conjunction with years of experience in case negotiation for Auto, Personal Liability and Worker’s Compensation.